If you are creative, passionate and excited about the future of transportation, you will elevate your capability to create strategic points of view leading decision-makers and cross-functional teams to transform mobility.

Welcome to Graduate Transportation Systems & Design

We see increasingly disruptive shifts in social attitudes, new business models, and technologies across the entire transportation landscape. The wide world of transportation needs a new genre of brilliant designers to navigate the transformation. Our program explores, defines, designs and validates novel ideas for macro and micro systems of emerging transportation challenges.

Grow a community of creative leaders who advance thinking across diverse transportation disciplines.

We are thought leaders and accomplished practitioners actively working in diverse transportation and related fields. We constantly adapt the curriculum to shape and grow the capability of each student preparing them to succeed in the changing transportation field.

Los Angeles, a global creative hub and center for some of our greatest transportation challenges, is an ideal location to apply your passion towards transforming mobility.

Ready to participate in our community of students, faculty and alumni from around the world? We welcome you!