Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a car styling program?

We are a transportation systems and design program focused on designing better user experiences that set criteria for all enablers of the transportation ecosystem. These include product use cases, infrastructure, business models, vehicle attributes and brand value criteria.

If you are interested in car styling, please consider ArtCenter’s Undergraduate Transportation Design program.

What fields Do your graduates enter?

The Graduate Transportation Systems & Design program graduates students with diverse interests; Start-ups, Corporations, Transportation Planning Consultancies, Metro Transit Authorities, and Research Institutes. Some graduates choose from a spectrum of dynamic Digital Services organizations like Uber and others on larger-scale transportation Transit Authorities like New York Metro Transit Authority with fixed infrastructure. Some graduates want to jump into established sectors in transportation while others prefer to join explorations into new or emerging spaces.

Do I need a car?

Most Students have their own car. However, some Students and Faculty increasingly utilize a combination of shared-ride services (e.g., Uber / Lyft), and the ArtCenter shuttle which connect to the city wide LA Metro Bus and Train transit system.

Is there student housing? Do I need an Apartment?

There currently is no student housing; however, there is a well-established student network of available affordable student accommodation in the region. For more information and assistance, please follow the link below:
ArtCenter Student Life

How much does the program cost?

Tuition fees change every calendar year, and there are scholarships available. For up-to-date tuition costs, please follow the link below:
ArtCenter Tuition & Aid