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“Your first day at ArtCenter is the first day of your new career.” Faculty say this often at ArtCenter because most of us are professional creative leaders working in business and looking for talented designers. Our global network of Graduates will serve as inspiration, guidance, and most importantly your life-long community of colleagues and practitioners.

Below are practicing Graduates chosen from the broad spectrum of businesses and organizations creating change in transportation.

David Day Lee

Fall 2014

Senior Manager of Strategic Design,
Rivian Automotive

“I use applied industrial design tools and cross-disciplinary insights toward constructing human centered design innovations that will stimulate product, brand, and business systems development.”

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Nathan Allen

Fall 2014


“I feel that design is not only about aesthetics but about the usability, engineering, manufacturing, costs, market, safety, social impact, environmental impact, marketing, style, and story, all coming together to make a great product.”

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Di Bao

Spring 2017


Sr. Product Designer,

With a background in industrial design and fine art, Di came into the program with the thought of entering the automotive industry as a specialist in user-experience design. While studio-grade automotive design sketching was not one of her strengths at the time, Di developed her ability to present, with flair, strong user-experience scenarios and concepts. This landed her an extended internship position with VW Group's Silicon Valley facility, working with technologists, engineers and other designers on advanced user interface and user-experience questions for future products.

For her Thesis Project, Di looked at extending the then relatively nascent Uber business model into a proposition for connecting locally producing, organic farmers directly with urban customers - restaurants or individuals. Through a social-media app, customers' orders, farmed produce and commuters were linked to provide fresh produce and helping farmers skip the tedious and time-wasting activities of selling their produce at farmers' markets.

Di is now working with Byton, an electric start-up automotive company, in Silicon Valley.

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Kunwar Walia

Spring 2017


Senior UX Design Researcher,
GE Transportation

“As part of a legacy transportation industry, I believe there is a growing responsibility for design evangelists to advocate design thinking, and to empower the transportation industry with tools and frameworks to help them grow out of their institutional dependencies.”

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Shinngaram Choi

Spring 2018


Honda R&D (Advanced Product Planning Division)

Shinngaram “Garam” Choi entered our program as an accomplished automotive designer with an undergraduate degree in product design from CCS. As one would expect, she came with strong visual communication skills.

During her time Garam developed her strong interest in user-experience design, which she applied to her various studio projects, including a complicated transportation problem: how to make a transit ticket-vending machine easy to use for tourists who do not speak the local language! She also participated in a year-long user-experience research project funded by Honda of North America's R&D division.

For her thesis, Garam looked at how self-driving vehicles can communicate their intent to both their passengers and other road users, whether pedestrians or using other modes of transport.

Since graduating ArtCenter, and following an internship at Honda's R&D facility in Ohio, Garam has been working with Honda R&D in California within the company's Advanced Product Planning division.

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Anshul Malhan

Spring 2019

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UX Design Technologist,
Volkswagen Group Future Center

“Now as a hybrid of both engineering and design, I want to challenge the status quo, question assumptions, and combine thinking from both disciplines in order to make something better. I wish to drive critical multi-disciplinary discussions that will allow for meaningful design.”

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